Steel Liner Panels are a Popular Material for Ceilings and Interior Walls of Pole Buildings

These liner panels are 29 gauge have generally the same rib configuration as steel roofing and siding. The difference between the liner panel and our siding and roofing panels that the panels themselves generally have little or no warranty on either the paint or the steel themselves. As the paint is not exposed to the elements, this is really of no concern.

The liner panels have a minimal coating of galvanization under the paint, so protection against rusting is low. Due to both of these factors, the cost of the material is lower than siding and roofing panels which require more protection from weather and sunlight deterioration. In many cases, the steel liner panels are screwed directly to widely spaced trusses, sometimes spanning eight to 12 feet.

Pole Building Supplies offers interior walls and ceilings for your pole building. Liner panels can cover full interior walls and ceilings or just partial wall heights. These interior panels for are the same quality and thickness as our exterior standard wall panels, coming in 29 gauge. Liner panels offer a durable finish to the inside of a building and can be sprayed down for easy cleaning in shop environments. Steel building panels also protect the insulation and are especially common in shops that utilize welders or grinders that create sparks.