A Lean-to Porch on a Pole Building Can Be a Handy Structure for a Variety of Purposes

A lean-to can shelter firewood and lawn equipment, allowing it to stay dry in all kinds of weather. Since it provides shade, it can be used as a porch to sit by your building for leisure. They are an economical way to gain additional footage for a variety of uses including covered storage, shade, rooms, and stalls. Lean-tos can attach at the eave line of your main building or below it and can be located on any side.

There are many more options after you have chosen the shape and size of your lean-to. Other options are; wrapping your posts and/or headers and putting a ceiling under the rafters. Other options to consider are Column Y-Braces and Columns with Dutch Corners.

A Few Things to Consider…

  • The slope/pitch of the roof. The right pitch will allow rain and snow to slide off the roof, keeping what’s inside your shed safe and dry. We recommend a 3/12 pitch minimum on a lean-to.
  • Header Height. Your decision on how tall the lean-to ceiling will be as well as how wide it is will impact the pitch.
  • We offer widths from 6′-0″ to 20′-0″ using rafters and can also build wider using roof trusses.

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