Everything But the Nails…Well, Almost!

When the kit is delivered to your location, you’ll be ready to get started and there’ll be less for you to worry about.

Every standard kit contains the highest-quality materials and code-compliant components. Everything you need is delivered to your building location!

Nails are not included…sorry!
We figured that most if not all DIY’ers and Contractors have their own nail gun of preference. So, we’ll leave the nails for you to take care of.

Pole Building Supplies PROVIDES:

  • CAD drawing of structure elevation & post location required for building permit.
  • P.E. Stamped roof truss loading certification, if required.
  • Complete kit of all materials (minus the nails) needed to construct your pole building as specified and agreed to in a signed contract.
  • Pole Building Supplies, will warrant all materials delivered to your job site to be free from structural or workmanship defects and reserves the right to replace any material it deems to be less than Pole Building Supplies’ high standard. It does not warrant the performance of products handled improperly or installed improperly or installed differently from their intended use.

NOTE: If something is delivered damaged, we will need for you to notify Pole Building Supplies immediately. We will ask you a few questions and ask for pictures of the damaged materials before making further arrangements.


  • Yourself
  • Your Tools
  • A Helper or Two
  • Building permit(s) required by your state, county and/or municipality.
  • Site survey and building location information.

What You Get in Your Pole Building Kit:


Please note that once your kit is delivered, you will need to make sure that all material is there. We require that you inspect the delivery as soon as it’s delivered. If there are any materials missing, we will need to hear from you within 48 hours of the delivery. Pole Building Supplies is not responsible for items which turn out missing after the 48 hours.


  • 4×6 Posts spaced 8′ on center with Gable Post Extensions to the Top of Trusses (on buildings under 12’ in height)
  • 3 Ply 2×6 GluLam (Laminated) Posts, spaced 8′ on center with Gable Posts Extended to Top of Truss (on buildings 12’ or taller)


  • Headers Engineered Per Code


  • 2 x 8, pressure treated 


  • 2 x 4, spaced 2′ on center


  • 2 x 4, spaced 2′ on center



  • Hurricane Ties Per Code
  • 1-1/2″ Painted Roofing and Siding Screws
  • 2″ Painted Screws for Ridge Cap
  • 12D 3-1/4″ Paslode Gun Nails Brites & Galvanized
  • 4″ GRK Screws (Truss Carrier Lags)
  • Simpson H2.5A Rafter Ties


  • PBS Classic 45 – 29 Ga., Limited Lifetime Warranty (Also comes in a thicker 26 Ga)


  • Ridge Cap
  • Rake & Corner
  • Drip Edge (1.5″x1.5″ Angle)
  • Fascia Trim (Post Trim)
  • F&J Channel
  • J-Channel
  • Double Angle
  • Base Angle
  • Overhead Door Trim


  • Dry-Pour Concrete


Customizing Your Pole Building Kit

Pole Building Supplies offers plenty of options to customize your pole building to your exact needs and wants. From the usefulness of different doors and windows to the aesthetics of overhangs and wainscoting you can make your building work for you and look great at the same time.

Look through our options and decide what suits you best.